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Manchester, The Norther Quarter, a hipster’s paradise on a hot summer night. You can hear the sound of an orchestra tuning its instruments ready to play.  Something magical is in the air.
Jan, almost alien, sits alone in a deserted café.  The solitary clink of his spoon in the empty bowl lost in the buzz outside.
Sam and Jenny are out there on the street. Jenny is trying to cheer a broken heart by leading her friend across Manchester to Gala Night. Their laughter and casual beauty are reflected back at them from the windows of the bars and restaurants as they pass.
Somewhere a black limousine rolls ominously through the night.
Outside the concert hall the girls are part of a crowd bejewelled and finely turned out, all transfixed by the most enchanting sound.
Jan plays as if he were weaving a spell, his silver flute a wand entrancing them all.  He plays with his eyes closed. Sam and Jenny move closer and Sam becomes transfixed.  The music transports her and she dreams that she is flying with Jan high above the city.
A black limousine approaches…